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  • Mary Wright, M.A.

    I help people to understand and improve their relationship with self and others through the lens of the Enneagram.

    “To know oneself is the beginning of wisdom”


    How Can Enneagram Coaching Help You?

    Most of us are so accustomed to our typical ways of interacting that we don’t question it-we say to ourselves and others…” Well, that’s just who I am”.  The Enneagram suggests that you are actually something far greater than your familiar patterns of thinking, feeling, and doing.  Each of us has an Essential Self that’s always been there but has been hidden beneath layers of “personality” or who we think we are, much like bark on a tree. Personality, or who we take ourselves to be,  is simply our best strategy for navigating life while protecting our Essential Selves.  Enneagram coaching will help you to connect with this deeper sense of self by learning to identify and shed the patterns of your Enneagram Type so that you’ll build a new capacity for self-awareness, productive change, and a life aligned with your finest gifts. 

    About Mary Wright

    I am one of the most extensively trained Enneagram Practitioners in the field, combining multiple Enneagram Certifications with many years of counseling experience and education to bring you an in-depth approach to Enneagram Coaching.  

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